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Through the Looking Glass: Discussion: Location, Location, Location!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Discussion: Location, Location, Location!

Something I think that people don’t realize a lot of the time is the importance of a book’s location/setting. While we read a book, we are focused mainly on the characters and their endeavors.  The question we should ask ourselves is how does the location influence the characters themselves?
Especially in Young Adult literature, I’ve noticed, the settings seem to be a little bit more strange and unique. The book I’m reading right now, On a Dark Wing by: Jordan Dane inspired this post. It takes place in different places in Alaska and the mountains and snow play a crucial part in the events. It’s strangely fascinating to me how such an inanimate thing as location can have such an effect on the people in the story.
     Locations also have a direct link to the feelings and emotions of a book, in some cases. For instance, the book Jane Eyre took place in a really bleak English countryside and moors. This reflected Jane’s personality a lot. Some things that attribute to this are so small we might not even notice it. Like, if someone is pointing out how an American flag is flapping freely in the wind. And the situation they are in has them trapped, it offers further comprehension to their emotional state and therefore, more connection to the characters.

Please let me know what you think about the locations of books in the comments!



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