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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Bookish Apps!

There are a multitude of applications for books and publishers that offer some great info and I thought I’d share them with you all! Click on the purple-colored title of the app to see more info on it.

Alice for the iPhone

Description: This app is one of my favorites. It depicts the wondrous novel, Alice in Wonderland by: Lewis Carol in a way that has new graphics and styling, while still including the illustrations that were in the original novel.

Dark Days

Description: Dark Days of the Supernatural is an app that offers tons of info on HarperTeen’s Dark Days seasonal book promotions. You can see excerpts, book trailers, exclusive downloads, twitter and Facebook feeds, and much more!

Book Crawler

Description: On this app, you can catalogue and keep track of what books and series you’ve read. You can view them in a cover flow too, I think, which helps in overviewing them.

The Vampire Diaries

Description: This app is centered around the Vampire Diaries television show on the CW. It has features like trivia, episode recaps, and previews! 

For bloggers and readers alike, the Goodreads app is an excellent resource for looking at books, reading summaries, keeping track of your wish list, etc.



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