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Through the Looking Glass: Fave Fridays (2) Male Protagonist

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Fave Fridays (2) Male Protagonist

             Fave Fridays

Fave Fridays is a meme exclusive to Through the Looking Glass where, each week, I feature a few of my favorite bookish things! Anything from books, authors, characters, etc is featured here.

Seen in: The Hollow by: Jessica Verday, The Haunted by: Jessica Verday, and The Hidden by: Jessica Verday

Why is he my favorite?

This was a tough decision, since there are so many swoonworthy boys out there in the YA world. However, I have been attached to the Hollow Series ever since I found the first book while roaming the bookstore shelves.

Caspian is a ghost and died in a car accident several months before Abbey meets him in the cemetery where her best friend is buried. For a ghost, there is so much life in him. In his spare time, he sketches charcoal drawings in a mausoleum. For some reason, the author portrays that in a way that makes it seem more mysterious than creepy.

He is loyal and mysterious. The perfect guy, except for the fact that he’s dead. As Abbey is the only one who can see him, he shows a great sense of humor and jokes whenever the person talking can’t hear him. 

In the town of Sleepy Hollow, New York, Caspian is the ghost that Abbey falls in love with and the most handsome and wonderful ghost or guy I’ve ever read about.

Caspian appears in:

The Hollow (The Hollow, #1)The Haunted (The Hollow, #2)The Hidden (The Hollow, #3)

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