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Through the Looking Glass: Breaking Dawn Movie Review

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Breaking Dawn Movie Review

      For a while before this movie came into theatres, I honestly kind of stopped caring about all the Twlilight Saga hype that was constantly circulating. It was just old news. I had read the series a few years ago and it was great and so were the movies, I just lost interest for some reason.

    Now that it came out just a few days ago, I was planning on seeing it (of course), just not immediately. So, yesterday, someone asked if I wanted to go with them to see it and I said sure, why not?

     There is so much I have to say about this movie, and I have to say it all without any spoilers! Let me start with my overall opinion of this movie. It was far better than any of the previous films and was so full of emotion, I could really feel a connection with each of the characters.

       The movie was pretty dead-on comparable to the book, which is something I always love to see! The acting was a lot better too, I think. Especially with Kristen Stewart. I really thought she absorbed Bella fully and whole-heartedly this time.
     As with the book, Bella gains a sense of independence when she decides to go through with her pregnancy, knowing the grave repercussions that would ensue. Her character strengthens a lot and shows ultimate sacrifice and bravery. I must give kudos to the makeup artists and camera people for this movie. The way they made Bella look shrunken in and emaciated was creepy and amazing.
     By the halfway point of the movie, I was so wrapped up in all of the tension and emotion that I forgot to drink my soda or reach for popcorn!
     The whole dillemma with the wolf pack was a huge element that they incorporated pretty much all of from the book. I don't know how to say more there without spoiling!
            Rosalie and Bella find common ground in the baby to build a sort of positive relationship (friendship?) off of. Rosalie helps her do the things that would only further everyone elses hatred for the baby but most of all, she supports her and defends her.
            Jacob plays a big part in the movie, that I can say. I was a bit concerned that they would focus everything on Edward and Bella, but they had a pretty steady balance of both.

     Oh! I almost forgot! During the wedding scene, they show Stephenie Meyer in the audience, looking at Bella proudly. As a writer, I almost teared up a bit watching that. It was as if she was watching Bella walk down the aisle, knowing that her character had grown up and become a stronger person than she anticipated, who could make her own decisions. It is how I imagine I would look if it were time to let my character grow up or just get married, even.

    Now its time for me to force myself to become frustrated and excited all over again. The ending literally had me about to stamp my feet on the ground right there in front of the entire audience, and demand to see another minute more! Ever since I heard that this movie was going to be split into two parts, I knew how part one was going to end. All of you who read the book can probably guess pretty well too. This movie's ending is the mother of all cliffhanger endings! UGH! It is so frustrating that I have to wait another YEAR before I see what happens. I mean, all I asked for was another minute or so, is that so much?!



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