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Authors at the Decatur Book Festival 2012

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Through the Looking Glass: Authors at the Decatur Book Festival 2012

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Authors at the Decatur Book Festival 2012

Up until September, when the Festival begins, I will be featuring several different authors on my blog that will appear at panels and signings at the Decatur Book Festival in Atlanta. I will be doing interviews and guest posts about the authors and their books to let you all get to know them better! I am looking forward to the DBF this year! So many wonderful authors will be attending! If you live in Georgia or are attending the DBF, please feel free to let me know in an email or comment or tweet, etc.If you have any requests for guest posts or things you would like to see in this blog series, email me at For more information on the Festival schedule, authors that will be appearing there, and more, visit

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